Sketchup 2020 layout tools not responding

Creating a title block in sketchup 2020 layout and after a short time of designing, the tools are not responding anymore I can move them on the page but I can’t draw? I already created several title blocks in the past (before 2020 version) and had no issue at all. What’s going on?

Can you share a LayOut file where this is occurring? It would help to diagnose the problem.

First guess is that you have Fill turned on and that some things you are drawing are obscuring others. Or that you are working on a layer lower in the list and an object higher in the layers list obscuring the view.

Hello, I did it again paying attention to the fill option.
Up to a point it works and then the tools don’t work any more. I use for example the pen tool. And it doesn’t draw anything. But when I go to the “actual size” icon I can see that it marked the lines somehow in a background. I couldn’t see what I was drawing while I was moving the pen tool around. What ever tool I would take the pen or the rectangle tool for example, I am moving the tool icon but it doesn’t show any starting point and it doesn’t draw on the page (only in a kind of background that only appears when on actual size command). It is really weird. Can you see the both .jpg files?

Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 14.12.09|690x330

I see one image.

Can you upload the LayOut file instead?

Template.layout (83.1 KB)

I’m not having any issues drawing on the page space with the various tools in your template file and you don’t have enough layers for that to be the issue. Can you record a screen capture video that shows what you are seeing?

Where can I share the video with you?

Attachment available until 26. Jul 2020

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Screen Recording 2020-06-26 at
40,7 MB

That shows it certainly.

I wonder if @adam would have any ideas as to what you are seeing. Are there any updates available from Apple for your operating system? Do you have the latest version of SU/LO2020 installed? Check

Yes I have the latest Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5 Update and the latest version of SU and LO.

Well, at this point I think we need Adam to chime in.

I think I found out… I am redoing it at the moment, not finished yet but it work completly normally… I was using the MAC/ Apple mouse, and I think this was the problem. No issue so far with my Logitech mouse. I didn’t think it would make such a mess! Well I hope my experience will help others! Thank you fo your patience and support. Best, Agnès

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I wouldn’t have thought of the mouse for that. If you were starting out and asked which mouse you should use I would have suggested something other than the Apple Mouse and a basic Logitech mouse would be high on my list.

Can you read this post of mine, I think it applies to your case:

Yes indeed. I think I had exactly that issue. I keep working with the logitech mouse now. It works much smoother than with the Apple Magic Mouse… what’s magic about it?! Thank you!


Sorry for just getting to this post. As Colin mentioned, we have an issue currently that can crop up for some people, especially those on macOS, and doubly especially for those using a magic mouse. We are working on fixing this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you Adam. Actually the logitech mouse works better than the apple one. Now I know this issue and understood what when wrong, it’s OK.

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