Cant select anything after taking model to Lay Out

I go from Sketch up Pro 14 to Layout 14 using the menu and then I can’t select anything with the select tool in Lay Out. Select All and Un select All does work. No Layers are locked in Layout or Sketch up. I recently had to up grade to El Capitan 10.11.6 for Parallels software requirements. I restarted everything several times. Still no select tool. Were the El Capitan problems really totally fixed? Should I reinstall Layout?

Are you saying you can’t select parts of the model in the viewports in LayOut?

The select tool will not blue highlight any of the text parameters or the scene from Sketch up. The “Select All” button will select everything blue but it can’t be manipulated, and also the “Un Select All” tool un selects everything.

I can’t select anything, starting with the single viewport on the Lay Out Sheet.

Hmmm… That is indeed strange.

Before you try reinstalling, try this: Quit LayOut. Go to SketchUp Preferences (in the SketchUp menu left of File) and in OpenGL, turn off Hardware Acceleration. Then quit SketchUp and start LayOut. Is there a change in behavior? Intel HD cards are well known to be lacking when it comes to OpenGL. You can get all sorts of weird graphics issues because of it.

FWIW, SU/LO 2014 won’t be optimized to work on El Cap since they came before the OS. It may be that you’ll need to upgrade to SU2016.

Ya, that hardware acceleration thing didn’t work…sounds like I’m caught in the upgrade cycle again…I wouldn’t mind it too much if they didn’t change the dam Icons all the time.

I don’t think they’ve changed, at least much, since before 2014.

Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome. I wish it was better.