Nothing is working Help

Hello. Ever since version 2021 I can not select anything with right or left click and drag, only by directly clicking on an object. If I select an object and press delete, nothing happens. Sometimes I just keep pressing and eventually deletes. Same thing if I select it and do right click erase. It will eventually but I have to do it like 10 times.

It’s just not behaving like it used to prior to 2021.

I’m loosing my mind.

Any idea how to fix tis. It’s an expensive license to not be able to use.

Share an example SketchUp file so we can see what you are working with.

i’m literally just importing stuff from the warehouse and cleaning out stuff i don’t need. Well trying too.
I’ll upload one

how do i upload a file here?

Drag and drop the .skp file into a reply. If it’s over 16 Mb, upload it to DropBox or WeTransfer and share the link.

Can’t delete cushions.skp (10.4 MB)

In this one, if i do edit component, select a pillow (any one of them) i can’t delete it unless i press delete like 5 times. Same with right click erase.

I can move and rotate ok, in 2021 that was also an issue. So that might be fixed…

I can’t drag and select anything. I can’t get out of a selection by pressing escape.

it’s a good thing my main workflow is in autocad and 3ds max and Lumion. I use this only for the warehouse really. But sometimes I really need to clean things out of the models.

I suspect it’s something to do with your computer and or the graphics drivers. As you can see, no problem deleting the cushions on my end. This is a single press of Delete each time.

Try changing the Face Style to Monochrome and see if it behaves better for you.

In Window>Preferences>Graphics, click on Graphic Card Details. What does it show?

Open GL version 4.6
GeForce GTX 1070/PCle/SSE2

OK. And what happens if you change the Face Style to Monochrome?

ok that works! WTF

Well, what you changed reduced the load on your graphics card. The GTX1070 should be a decent enough GPU. Do you know how much RAM it has?

Maybe go to the Nvidia site, get the latest drivers for your graphics card and install them. Then restart your computer and see if that helps. It won’t hurt, anyway.

thanks so much for your help. At least for my uses, this will be enough of a work around. but yeah i’ll update drivers and see if it also helps.


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Good luck.

FWIW, I might consider lighter components if I were doing what you’re doing. That would probably also help you out.