LAYOUT files keeps crashing.. Can anyone help me?

This file opens fine but when I click on Page 1 it crashes Layout.

Can anyone please help?

Sketchup 2020
Macbook Pro

Does it crash or just say it’s not responding?

I would suggest that you first purge the file of unused content.



It would also help to clean up your SketchUp model file a bit. I looked at tag usuage and material sizes.
Screenshot - 3_10_2024 , 5_12_22 PM
There are a number of excessively large textures which will slow LayOut.

Cleaning up your model and the LayOut file should help.

By the way, your LO file contains contact info for both you and your client. You should remove the file from DropBox and edit you post to remove the link.

just not responding…

How did you get that window to come up?

When I click Model Info > I get this window… but not the option you have displayed?

I tried purge but nothing happens?

Are you able to purge file and send back to me?

I’ve removed link, but cant remove my contact details as cant open the layout file :weary:

That’s not crashing. It just means LayOut is busy.

Are you referring to Document Setup? That’s in LayOut under the File menu, not in SketchUp.

You don’t need to remove the contact details from the LayOut file Just delete it from DropBox.

I’ll share the LO file with you via a private message shortly,

Thank you!

Is there a way to easy see which textures are big so I can avoid using them?

I use an extension called Material Resizer from the Extension Warehouse for that. It shows the textures by size and gives the option to change them.