Layout - Export to PNG / Not Saving Export Option Settings


I have created a Layout file with a page for each scene in my SKP model. When I go to Export the pages as PNG files, and set my export options, I bump the quality up to 5000x2813 at 313dpi, and click okay, then click save. Every time I do this the PNG files are saved at what I’m assuming is the default quality settings - 1536x864 at 96dpi.

I’ve tried saving them to a folder on my desktop, and on my server, but it happens in both locations. My co-worker tried on his desktop, with the same settings, and was able to save the PNG files with the desired export options.

Any one have any ideas why my export options settings keep reverting back to the default?



Those settings have never been a savable thing. Might be a good feature request but you aren’t missing a setting or anything.



Thanks for the quick reply, Dave.

Yeah, the export settings can’t be saved, but they shouldn’t revert back to default after I click okay. I would think the export options I’ve chosen would save for that instance of export, at the very least. If I can’t control the quality of my exports, what’s the point?



“You can control the output quality…” <--------- This, this is what I’m referring to.

When I open the Image Export Options window the default settings are there (A). I then input my desired settings (B) and click Export. When I put the PNG files in my presentation, and the quality is poor, it’s because the saved output was done with the default settings (A) even though I chose a higher resolution before choosing export.

I’m not trying to set and save the export settings forever, just for the Layout file that is currently open.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear.



I should note that it’s not an issue with my presentation application. I know the quality of the exported PNG files are saving at the lower resolution because I can ‘get info’ on each file after they’ve been exported and see that they are indeed 1587x1123, instead of the 5000x3536 that I chose.



“One more time. The settings you choose for image exports are NOT saved even during the same LayOut session. Full stop”

I choose export, choose my desired quality settings, click okay… and the time between clicking okay and clicking export (maybe a second, if that) those settings are gone? That makes no sense.

And I know the settings are not saved after the export has occurred, but the settings should save for the export I’m making, right?

Let’s try this - I want to export a PNG file at 5000x3536 and 302 ppi - how do I do it?



When I export a PNG image from LayOut, I get the the size and resolution I chose in Options. This works on both Mac and PC for me with LayOut 2018.



The output resolution is set in the Document Setup dialog. Your options are

  • low=96 ppi
  • medium=150 ppi
  • high=300 ppi
    It is rather lame but enough for most situations. Increasing colour output beyond 300 ppi only bloats file size but doesn’t affect print quality as colour laser and inkjet printers use dithering, and dye sublimation tops at 300 ppi.


Thanks, Dave and Anssi.