Save Export Options in File (or Template)

Is there any way to force LO to save the export options?

I know I can default the quality in Document Setup - but is there a way to have it always default to JPG, PNG or PDF? And if JPG or PNG can the output resolution be chosen and saved file / in template?

I’m testing setups for sending 400+ SKP files to LayOut and exporting 4 pages for each file as PNGs… I have to manually go in and set the file to PNG and then update the resolution each time… from 96 to 72 (client has specific needs for 72dpi PNG).

Hi Mike,

It would be nice to have the ability to make those settings a default thing. Currently there’s nothing available but I wonder if some sort of batch exporter thing could be done.

Is there some specific settings or layout or something that requires LayOut in the process?

Hi Dave -

I’m doing some work for a pre-fab builder. We have 4 views of each building. Each building comes in 3 widths, and anywhere from 2 through 9 different lengths. There are 4 styles of the buildings, with sub-sets of trim options. I’ve built dynamic components that allow me to update the length, and alter the trim. I have a DC for each width (pitches are a real 2#%^@^@# to model with DCs).

All in for the building shapes alone I have 200+ LO files that need to be exported, which will generate 800+ PNGs.

I’m working SU to LO because the end result PNGs are going to be dropped into a web backend for customer presentation and pricing. Each elevation will get added as a resource to their custom pricing platform… and they can drag and drop sizes / windows / etc. (I built the windows as DCs - working on the trim options now - but there are 12 sizes and 4 trim options + shutters, etc… and then we have doors, etc…)

Why LO? Because I’m taking the SU model and dropping it onto a very specific grid at a specific scale - so that when saved as a PNG at 72DPI it works with their system. The scale is 10" = 36’ (1:43.2).

Thankfully I had help in getting the model textures not to scale when I adjust the length of the buildings… that was a huge win. I hand painted all the models with vertical siding (because the siding changed scale when the DC was updated) on the first test batch and I would never finish if I had to do that for all of them…

If I could figure out a way to lock down the export in LO that would be huge - right now I have a template setup for the 4 views, I open the model, double check the length and trim option, send to LO, change all the settings, export with a specific file name, etc. LO is kicking out 11x17 sized PNGS - and I’m exporting line art - so I batch process in Photoshop to crop all the extra space away…

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