LayOut PDF Export Preferences - Image Compression

I have been using LayOut to export PDFs, with raster images. I’ve noticed that even with viewing and output settings put on High (which I understand to be 300DPI), Layout still automatically compresses the images when exporting PDFs. I frequently find that options in the save dialogue are easy to overlook, especially since it seems to reset for each new file.

Is there a way to save a preference in LayOut so that it won’t be reset with each new file? The Low/Medium/High seem to be the only similar setting I can find, and that doesn’t appear to affect compression options in any way.


Unfortunately those export settings can’t be saved. The LayOut team has heard several complaints about this so it’s definitely on our radar. We are working on a bit of a fix that will affect PDF export quality, please watch for updates in this area.


Wonderful, glad to hear it!

SketchUp models tend to have large areas of flat colour, and these acquire very ugly and prominent artifacts when image compression is on.

Can PDF carry images in the PNG format, and could that be an option?