Trouble with export resolution in Layout

I recently had trouble exporting images from Layout. I wanted to export some images at 2000x1226px and entered those values in the appropriate place. However, repeatedly the exports were made at the resolution indicated before I entered the desired one. What can be happening?

I just tried it on my Mac too, Edson. I can duplicate what you’re seeing. I wonder if this is a bug. @trent, any thoughts?

I do see that if you change the resolution instead of the width and height, it will work.

Out of curiosity, what size paper are you starting with?

It looks like the preference for this dialog does not hold when the initial selection is made, and this is a bug.

I do see that I can get my selections to hold if from the Options… dialog, I make the change I want, select Ok then open the Options… dialog again. Now when the image is exported my settings hold.

I verified that this only happens on the Mac.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and I will log an issue on this.


Hi Trent,

Thanks for looking into it. While you guys are at it, please have a look at this topic 2018 and trouble with dwg.

I am having terrible trouble when importing dwgs into 2018. SU crashes every single time I try it, no matter what is done to the files. The same files import normally into 2017.

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