Png files in Layout

I’m working in Layout to create a dimensioned plan for shoring layout. I have a png image of one particularly complicated pile layout and I want to simply drag and drop the image onto the Layout page. While it will do that, it comes in such a low resolution as to be unusable.

There must be a setting somewhere that I’m missing.

This is on a Mac, by the way.

Thanks in advance for any help!

What is your display resolution set at in Document Setup? You can change it to high, which may or may not be enough to trace it / use it.

If the resolution is still to low, and assuming you need to trace and modify, consider bringing it into SKP to trace and then import that to LayOut for finishing touches.

Check your options in the Document Setup>Rendering dialog

ya, it was set to medium. setting to high cleared it right up. I was looking in application settings, not document.


Thanks, Anssi, that was the problem.