Layout Disappering Text

I am revising an existing title block sheet in Layout 2020. The issue I’m having is when a create a new autotext field it disappears when I click out of it. I’ve made sure it is on the top layer and it is arranged to be sent to front. If the fill is off and outline is off it is completely invisible. If I can find it and select it and double click I can see the text, otherwise it is invisible. I’ve made sure the text field is large enough to contain the needed text. I’ve also made sure it has the same properties as the existing text fields that are behaving properly.
I’ve run out of options to figure out why I cannot see the text.

Share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got set up.

Here is a link to the file: Box

The text fields in question are in the bottom middle of the page. Should I be able to see the autotext definition in the field even though I have not assigned it a value yet? The text becomes visible when a value is assigned to the definition. Otherwise it is invisible, especially when there is no border or fill to the text box.

Even though there is not much on this page it is still a 25MB file. Does that seem right? I had to put it into Box because it was too large to drag directly into this conversation.


It’s blank because you have no text to display set for the Autotext

Put in some text and it shows just fine.

As for the file size, you’ve left two Sketchup model files, three png files and a jpg in it. Probably because you deleted them from the document but didn’t purge the LayOut file of them.

After purging the unused stuff all the references are gone.

And the file is 23.8 Kb.

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Thanks again!