Is Layout Auto-text Local or Global


I have entered some custom auto-text fields in the customize Auto-text dialog. They insert as expected in the document I am working with, however when I attempt to use them in another document the custom fields are missing. It seems as if the auto-text is only saved for the document in use at its creation. Is this something that is caused by myself or normal behavior for Layout? Also at the same time, experimenting, I noticed that the text for author and address seem to be only saved for the document they were created with…….


Auto Text is “local”. That is, it’s part of the Document SetUp. All of the settings in Document Setup are specific to the current document. It’s like Model Info in SketchUp. If you want the same text or at least the same auto text fields to show in multiple projects, add it to your template. For one of my templates I need to have the plan title in the main title block on the first page as well as on the bottom of each of the other pages. Both places reference the same auto text entry and when I start a new project i just edit the text field in Document Setup. I don’t even have to unlock the layer that text is on in the document.


Well, it looks like I move from the scrapbook to the template. Thx Dave


I think there’s a place for both. Obviously things like Auto text, fonts, dimension and label styles, and layers should be template things. If you have callout labels that are formatted for a specific paper size, you could add those to the template by putting them outside the paper space. You can then drag them into the paper space and place them where you need them. Setting up a complete template will save you a lot of work as you go forward.