Scrap book text disappears from layout document when I close and reopen layout

I added notes from a scrapbook to layout and although the text box outline remains, the text is no longer attached to the document when I reopen. I tried locking the text before closing and it still disappears. I have used this scrapbook many times before and never had an issue.

Okay, I copied over the original word document (ctrl c, ctrl v) and am using that instead of the scrapbook. I would like to understand why dragging over the scrapbook does not stick. Frustrating (as usual).

How was the text box created? Where did the text come from?

Thanks, Dave for replying. I created the text by inserting an RTF file I produced in Word into a scrapbook page. Then I dragged the text from scrapbook into my Layout Document. When saved, closed, then reopened the layout file, the text box remained without the text. I repeated the process a number of times with the same result: Text missing upon reopening the file.
Then I thought I should group the scrapbook text and still did not work for me.
I tried inserting the text directly from the RTF file into my layout file by copy and paste method and that worked fine.
Finally, I deleted the scrap book and made a new one from the original RTF file. That now works as it should and I can drag to my layout and it remains there after closing and reopening document.
The issue seems to be solved except for the fact that I am left feeling frustrated that I cannot know what happened. Especially since all my other scrap book entitites, text and other, appear to function flawlessly.
Just a weird glitch perhaps?
Thanks for listening!

What you describe makes it sounds as if the original reference file was missing. Similar to what happens if you use Copy and Paste to bring SketchUp models, text, or images into LayOut. After inserting the RTF file into the LayOut file that becomes the scarpbook page, go into Document Setup>References and unlink the reference so LO won’t be looking for the original .rtf file. That should prevent the issue of the missing text.

Alternatively, instead of inserting the .rtf file you could simply copy the text and paste it into a regular text box in LO. Then there would be no reference at all. If you want to be able to edit the text in Word, though, the unlinked .rtf is the way to go.

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Thanks so much for your explanation and suggestions. Very clear and helpful!

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