Layout: Dimensioning detailed there a glitch?


I’m completing a set of architectural drawings. The entire floor plan is on one sheet in 1/4" scale. On another sheet, I have a close up/detail of the bathroom in 1/2" scale. When I try to dimension the bathroom in the 1/2" scale drawing, it literally registers as doubles the size.

In other words, in the 1/4" scale window, the shower is 6’ wide…correct. But, in the 1/2" scale, it dimensions as 12’ wide.

Please tell me Layout is smarter than this. To me, it shoud understand, that is a 6’ wide component I am dimensionsing and adjust accordingly. What am I missing here?



With your dimension tool active, make sure that it is set to AUTO. This can be found in the Dimension Style dialog window. WIth this set to AUTO, it will provide the real dimension of the model as it was built in SketchUp.

You will also want to check the dialog option with the problem dimension selected.

I hope this resolves the problem




Assuming that you set the scale for your viewport at 1/2" = 1’ make sure that you set the same scale in the “Dimension Style” tray. If you are getting double sizes it is because the viewport is set to 1/2" but the dimension style is still set at 1/4"