Using Dimensions in Layout

I am a beginner here and LOVE the ease of Layout but I am stumped on something that should be so easy. I am designing theater sets and love the dimension aspect of it all. But I can only get the measurements to give me the scale without the actual dimensions. For instance if I am at 1" = 1’ and draw a 2 inch line. The dimensions show 2". How do I get it to show the actual dimension of 2 feet instead of 2 inches? Or is that possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


As I told you on Sketchucation, set the scale as appropriate in the Dimension inspector window.

You need to step back a bit and learn how to create scenes in SketchUp and import into the Layout drawing ports. Then you can set the scale and the dimensions will be correct. If you draw a 2" line in Layout “paper space” it will always dimension 2"

Unless you set the scale for the dimension in the Dimension inspector.