Layout dimension query



Sorry, I think this has been asked before, but can’t seem to find an answer… hoping there may now be one?

I’m trying to dimension a section of a cabinet. When clicking to show the internal depth, which should be circa 350mm, the ‘clicks’ required are obviously not landing on the same plane, and it is giving me a diagonal measurement from one point to the other, circa 530mm.

I was hoping there would be a way with dimensions to ‘tie’ them to their axis, lie in SU when you press one of the left/up/right arrows during drawing a line/rectangle etc.

All help appreciated!



It would be easier to help you out with that if we could see the LO file and what you are looking at.

If you don’t want to make the file public, send it to me in a PM.


Sorry for the slow response Dave, and thanks for your offer to help.

I think have it sorted… I had saved the scene in SU as a “Standard Camera View” (Left), and then opened the scene in LO, clicked ORTHO and not realised that the view was not still regarded as ‘true left’ if that makes sense.

Once I selected this, it seemed to work.

Thanks again.