SU layout ortho dimensions align

Hi! I am looking for function in layout to create dimensions in orthogonal mode that align to view as in sketchup window

I would like to have this dimensions in ortho or perspective, but the line has different angle

Yes. It’s unfortunate but dimensions in LayOut aren’t so good for that. Use SketchUp’s dimensions instead. When I need to do dimensions like these I generally place a text box in LayOut over the dimension text from SU. It’s a hack but it’s easier to get the text to match other dimensions in the LO file. Another thing I sometimes do is put the dimension in Sketchup on a layer separate from the model and then stack viewports. The dimension viewport gets exploded in LO and the dimension text replaced. That gives some control over the dimension line weight, too.

Think good thoughts and hope that we see dimensions in LO able to follow the perspective in the SU viewport one of these days.

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