Layout en Dimension drawn in length of object

The dimension lines are not in line with an bject when drawn under a perspective. Very ugly.

To try a kind of temporally solution, I did, in SU, create an extra scene with a dimension layer for that object/viewport and did draw there the dimension. Sometimes I use a stacked viewport or just on one Viewport, ( SU object and dimension).
Then of course the lines are lined ok, but to get the text right I do create a dimension in LO, with the stroke’s off. A little rotation.
Its ok, size is connected, corner just a little odd.

However, I have a few objects and when they are under a specific perspective in SU the dimension disappeared in SU. When I move back it comes back again. At that point when it is not showing up in SU, it doesn’t either show up in the Viewport in LO.

I did create a example to show what is happening in SU. It is the same object, but under a slightly different perspective.

Any suggestions to get the dimensions right?

LayOut does not currently do perspective dimensions although it has been requested. Hopefully we’ll see that feature.

It sounds like you might have SketchUp dimensions set to hide when foreshortened. You might check that and disable it if it is.

Make sure you aren’t editing the viewport in LO but adjusting the view in the SketchUp scene. If you can see it in SketchUp, you should see it in LayOut.

That solved it.

Thank you.