Dimension-lines in layout are not following the perspective of the drawing / model



hi, i have a problem with dimensions in LayOut. In SketchUp it works fine to create dimensions according to perspective modells, but in LayOut the dimensionlines are not following the perspective. Is there a shortcut or some settings i have to use in this case?
Thanks a lot for your help!


Currently dimensions in LayOut don’t follow the perspective of the model. It’s a feature that has been requested but it hasn’t been implement yet.

You can add those dimensions in the SketchUp model or there are ways to construct dimensions that follow the perspective in LayOut but don’t use the Dimension tool if you want to do that.

Here’s an example where I started with dimensions in SketchUp and then converted them to LayOut entities in LayOut. The did need to be exploded to convert them but you wouldn’t have to explode them.

Here are the dimensions before exploding.


hi DavR,
thanks for your fast answer …
I tried to create the dimensions in Sketchup but the result is not really acceptable. And i thought LayOut was created to solve actually this problem … creating well layouted plans with perfect dimensions … ; (
How do you manage to explode dimensions? I would like to try to modify the entities in Layout and delete the dots or arrows.


It was specifically created to add dimensions in perspective views. I think for 2D views, the dimensions in LayOut are superior to those in SU. As I said, it has been requested that dimensions follow the perspective in viewports.

I put the dimensions on their own layer in SU. Then I create a scene showing the model and another showing only the dimensions. Both have the same camera position. Then in LO, there’s two layers. One for the viewport showing the model and another layer, above the first, that shows the dimensions. I rendered the model viewport in Hybrid because of the textures in the model, The dimension viewport is rendered as Vector before exploding.


sounds like a big job considering that i have about 40 drawings to manage … ; (
but how do you manage that you can modify the dimensions in Layout at the end

Is it just because you seperated the dimensions from their geometry that they don´t consider themselves as dimensions any more or is there something else i have to do?

I am out for 30 minutes to get some food befor the shops are closing … ; )


It really isn’t

If you explode the dimensions viewports, obviously the dimensions will no longer be tied to the model. You would want to make sure your dimensions are right in the first place.

I create plans for furniture in SketchUp and LayOut. for the vast majority of dimensioned views, I use 2D parallel projection scenes and rarely add dimensions in perspective views.

No. It’s because the viewport is exploded. The result is some lines and text boxes.

You could improve the appearance of the SketchUp dimensions by getting rid of those dots at the ends.


I still don´t manage to explode the dimensions … ; ( … you mentioned that you explode the dimensions viewport … i still have to learn some lessons in sketchup and layout … and my english is although not the best … maybe i just don´t understand all the details … ; )

buy the way … good idea to use parallel projections … i will try this as well


Select the viewport, Edit>Explode.

You can make standard 2- and 3-views and dimension them.


when i select a dimension, i can´t find the explode function … not in the context menu (right mouse button) and although not in the edit menue … that´s really strange



Exploding is done to the viewport in LayOut, not to the dimension in SketchUp.

Did you make a scene showing just the dimensions like I told you to do?


it is a pitty that you can´t hear me laughing about my “stupidity” … now i´ve got it … ; )
Thank´s a lot for your patience!