Ortho dimensions not diagonal!

Juste have a look at my layout drawing to understand what I’m expecting from Sketchup.
Hope some one has a solution…

Usually this results from getting a vertex either in front of or behind the one you intended when viewing a edge that is perpendicular to the screen in parallel projection. It can help to orbit the view slightly askew while creating the dimension so that you can more clearly see the different vertices and their inferences, then orbiting back to the desired ortho view afterward.

Thanks for this quik answer.
Yes I can orbit and snap the correct point if I orbit the view.
But this is not a correct solution because it takes time, I have many dimensions of that sort.
I usually switch between layout and the drawing to check mesures.
Is there a way to force Sketcup to create an ortho dimension line ?
See copy screen

It’s a complicated task to automate when the actual model is 3D but you are viewing it in an ortho projection so that edges collapse in the view. There are a couple of extensions on the EW that might do what you want, but I don’t use them myself and haven’t tested them (I’m a woodworker, not an architect :wink:). Search for “dimension” and see what you can find.

thank you slbaumgartner
I already looked for Layout plugins
None available…

Doesn’t the sketchup support reply in this section of the support ?

You could submit this capability as a feature request.

There is no capability for plugins/extensions in LayOut at present, only in SketchUp. But they are a frequent request, so they may become possible some time in the future.

Yes, the Trimble team watches this forum.

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