Layout dimension line issue '23

Since updating to SU '23, a minor detail has changed when using dimensions in LayOut. When adding a bounding box to numbers on dim lines, then making those boxes translucent, LO now displays the entirety of the line behind the box. This muddies the look making the number less readable when printed on a large sheet. Below are screenshots comparing '22 & '23. Is this something I can toggle on/off? Any solutions? Thank you!

Since you mentioned it I modified a dimension in one of my LayOut files and can duplicate the issue. Never noticed it before, though. Maybe a thing for @adam to pass on. Hopefully it can get fixed.

In the meantime I suppose you could use a slightly ligher opaque tan color for fill instead.

Normal dimensioning rules are to not put the dimensions over the parts. If the dimensions are outside there’d be no need to turn on fill.

Is this not down to the new 2023 ability that (from 2023 release notes):

now allows the control of text transparencies on Dimension text