Dimension line BUG in Layout 2023 - anybody noticed this?

I am not sure if I am missing a trick here, but I used to have a dimension line broken when using centralized dimensions. Now the line goes through and under the dimension. Is this a bug?

See the picture


Adjust the alpha component of the dimension text’s fill color to be fully opaque. A few releases ago we made the fill alpha adjustable so that users could expose the entire dimension line if they wanted to.

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Hi Adam, it’s not what I am looking for, because I will end up with a white (or other colored) rectangle, rather than just a background.

I think it’s a mistake to not break the line. I can not imagine why would you not break it.

In the past, my only problem was that it was not possible to move the dimension from the center together with the gap. Which would have been an improvement - if that would have been possible.

Would it be possible to resolve this bug, please? the above-mentioned feature would be an added bonus.

See the example of how this dimension worked in the previous version.

Thank you.

that’s because you’ve enabled fill. so you get a fill in the background.

Capture d’écran 2023-11-12 à 13.16.44

first has fill, white
second has fill, white, low opacity
third has no fill. and it breaks the line.


I never came across this before. Than you!

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Would it be possible to achieve the same effect that I used in my original post? I like to use the cut line, with a transparent white background
exmple of broke line