LayOut Crash when Editing Window




Anyone is aware of a LayOut Crash when trying to edit a Window in it?

If so… what should be done to avoid this?

Reinstalling SketchUp or restarting Computer does not help.

SketchUp installed as Admin.
Graphic card is updated.
This crash happens with more than a file.

Windows 10 Pro
i5-3470 CPU 2x 3.20GHz
AMD Radeon HD 6450

Thank you in advance!!


Can you share a LayOut file that crashes?


Unfortunately, that I cannot do.


What do you mean by “edit a window”? Do you mean modify a viewport?


Yes, viewport. Sorry.


I can’t explain the reason it is crashing, especially without a copy of the drawing itself but a workaround is not to modify the viewport. Much better to adjust what you want to see in SU, set a scene for it, and import that to LO. The most you normally need to do within LO is to set the scale and the boundary of the viewport.


Thank you.