Layout closes when loading a LO file after upgrading to 2020.2

I have just updated to 2020.2 and when I load a LO file that I have been working on it closes LO.
This only seems to happen with two files I have found to date.
Please help


There is a new problem with 2020.2. The only solution for now is to use 2020.1.1. I will message you with a link to the installer.

Thank you

Did you find your way to my message? You click on the avatar in the upper right of this page, to get to your messages.

Hi Colin

I cant seem to find the link

I think this will get you to your messages:

Not sure about the ‘u’ part of the URL though. If that doesn’t work, click on your own R circle, or your name, then when the larger version of your avatar appears, click on it again. That will take you to your Activity list, and you will see Messages. There is a good chance you will only have one message.

If you still don’t find my message, let me know if your email includes ‘iinet’ in it. I can send the link to that address.

It’s 11pm for me, I’ll watch for a reply from you for a little while.

Hi Colin

I can get to messages but cannot see any link to the installer for 2020.1
Should I send you my email address to send it to? it does not include iinet in it

Interesting. I thought your name wouldn’t be a common one. Click on my avatar, then on Message, and let me know which email to send to.

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