Big Issue with 2023 Layout

I have an major issue with the 2023 Release which is making it unsable for me - open an existing layout file (I have hundreds of open / existing projects that I am working on). If click on any model in layout and select Open with Sketch up - sketch up crashes and I cannot edit the existing drawing. Please can anyone shed any light on this and are people having the same issue please?

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I can confirm the problem of a crashing LayOut after using ‘Open with SketchUp’ - just reported Crash #4460

Let me add another surprise:
don’t try out LayOut 2023 if you still want to go back to Layout 2022 with that project file.

While switching between 2023 back to 2022 with SketchUp seems not to give any problems (up till now), after opening a file in LO 2023 and saving it for LO 2022, the contents of all my scenes are shifted / out of place so everything needs to be re positioned again. Luckily, I still have a backup disc but this is a big issue if you want to try out LO 2023 with an actual ongoing project.

Reopening the file in LO 2023 again and all scenes are at the correct place again. So saving as previous version seems bugged.

Edit: problem of moving scenes in LO is not consistent - tried saving for 2021 as new file and it works nice. Next tried saving for 2022 and using new file name and works nice. Finally saving as 2022 again using the same file name and works again. Something is strange here…

Edit2: while opening the file seems to work again, after using ‘update model reference’, the scenes are all moved again. Hoping it will still work on my backup-disc-file or will have to re-do all LO work again because already did some work in SU 2023…

Edit3: just tested with a backup layout 2022 file - opening an original Layout 2022 file and updating it with a SketchUp2023-file saved as SU2022 works fine. The problem only seems to occur if Layout 2023 has opened it once.

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