Layout Annoyance...?

Apologies if this has been discussed previously.

Often on an LO page I will have elements off the paper.

If I am zoomed to page and I pan away from the paper to view some elements off the paper LO will re-centre on the paper.

When in zoom to page I have to zoom in or out before panning away without LO re-centring on the paper.

I’m trying to follow what you are describing and duplicate the behavior but I’m not seeing. Is there some other step in there that is missing?

Page in LO with a viewport and linework and text in the paper area and various text, linework off the paper area

zoom to page and do nothing else

activate pan, click middle button and pan around to view elements, text off the paper area

when I release the middle button after panning LO will recentre the paper in the LO window

The above does not happen if I first zoom a little in or out before panning

(the thought of trying to do a screen video stresses me out :scream:)

It would be nice if the camera/view was based on the bounds of the paper AND all objects, not just the paper.

Don’t get stressed out.

I tried again

Doesn’t Zoom Extents do what you want? It seems to for me.

Interesting that it’s not happening to you Dave.

Everything else is fine and zooming to extents is fine.

And it’s not a problem really, just that when my brain is working faster than my hands and fingers and LO is in the zoomed to page state I’ll pan before zooming and the paper gets re-centred.

Doesn’t happen with zoom to extents

What’s the paper size you are working with?

using A3

just tried A1 and it happens

I set the paper size to A3 and tried again.

Very puzzling.Which version of LayOut?


(yes - installed as administrator :slightly_smiling_face:)

Hmmm… I am too.

@trent, have you any thoughts?

crazy… no I do not see this either.

Are you running on multiple monitors?
3D mouse by chance?


3 monitors off one GPU and a Logitech vertical mouse.

One of the monitors is daisy chained from another, so I’m using 2 of the GPU outputs.

I’ll try and sort out a screen video…

My screen gif attempt…

You did it! That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Interesting. Clearly weird behavior. Which display is LayOut on? What happens if you restart the computer? Does it still do the same thing when you open LO? Is LO opening on the same display each time?

FWIW, I moved LO over to my second display to see what happens but I still get the same thing I did before.

Hey Paul,

I’ve been able to reproduce this on Windows as you’ve said:

  1. Select Zoom to Page.
  2. Switch to the Pan Tool.
  3. Use the MIDDLE mouse button to pan.
  4. When you release the middle button, the page will snap back to the middle of the screen.

This is definitely a bug but there are two workarounds currently:

  1. If you have the pan tool active, use the left mouse button to pan the page.
  2. Don’t activate the pan tool, and use the middle mouse button to pan.

Hope this helps,

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@adam, this is odd. I can’t duplicate it at all.

Hi Dave, I also do not see the same behavior but one Adam has assured me is related.

  1. From the View pulldown, select Pan
  2. In the LayOut window Middle Mouse wheel Pan
  3. Try to zoom in or out - Unable
  4. Try to select something - Unable
  5. Invoking a tool should bring back normal behavior.


Hi Trent. I see that behavior (normally never select Pan from the menu so never saw it before) but I don’t see the return to Zoom to Page