[REQ] Zoom Out More

I need to zoom out more. I want to split a Section Cut into 1:10 scale details and wanted to see it all to choose what to focus on.

However Layout restricts the max zoom level to 3x the paper size either on height or width, whatever is shorter.

So, in full screen I can actually see less of the drawing than in window mode… how clever is that? :smiley:

The following screenshot is from Layout in Window Mode. If I make it full screen I cannot see the sides of the section:



And please let us pan further to the sides too. I often place notes of what I still have to do outside the paper. Also when working close to the edge of the paper I’d like to be able to have what I’m working on centered on the screen and not at the edge of the viewport. This is especially important with really big screens.

Related to this topic is copy and paste from different paper sizes. For example, from a drawing sheet to a scrapbook, the pasted item is in the same relative X,Y coordinates as the large sheet, but on the small one you can’t even zoom out enough to retrieve it.

The work around is to paste into the top corner of the first sheet, before copy/paste to new smaller sheet. If I hadn’t had to do this a bunch of time I would leave it, but I am interested in a smoother workflow with the scrapbook.

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Yup the firs time I noticed this was when settin a single template for all my sheets. I was basing it in a A1 and then had groups for every smaller sheet of paper. If I changed the sheet size, a lot of things went missing and were unretrievable.

I also noticed then, that the reference point was at the top left of the sheet, which didn’t make much sense to me then. It would be sensible if it was at the bottom right as that is the only point in a sheet which is usually static, with our fixed text and logo.

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