Zoom to Fit - LayOut

Hi All,
In both LO15&16 the Zoom to Fit function doesn’t really work to scale the drawing to “fit” the screen.

I use a 23’ monitor and A3 sheet size; all other variables (tools, etc.) aside, the scale to fit number ought to be about 76% (of the original sheet size). But it’s more like 66%.

Now, this may seem a little nit-picky, but i wish there was a default zoom that could be set in the prefs or template.

Zoom to fit function will not scale your page in relation to your screen, it scales in relation to the available space on your screen, with menus, window frames, taskbar etc plus usually a small margin. The image on your screen bears no relation to the actual physical pixel dimensions of your monitor.


Hi Anssi,
Thanks for the reply; Yes, I’m aware of that. I mentioned the screen size to give an idea of the actual size I’m looking at.

It would be nice to have a shortcut where we could assign a scaling percentage.