Printing a project on different A4s


I want to print out my project on different A4 pages but the scenes themselves span more than one A4 page (scale 1:50).

How do you do this in layout?

For the moment I made a document, the size of an A3 (more or less) and then when I print it to PDF it creates a PDF with pages the size of an A3.
But then I still can’t print them on A4’s without scaling them down.

Is there any simple quickstart on how to do this or is this not what layout is made for?


I’m not quite sure I follow you. You can effectively spread a viewport across mutiple sheets if that’s what you’re trying to do. Basically there are copies of the same viewport on each sheet with different parts on the paper. Something like this:

Do you have step by step directions?

Make the first viewport with the scale set to full size or whatever scale you want.

Shorten up the viewport so it’ll fit on a single sheet and show one end.

DO NOT create a modified view. Do not double click on the viewport. Just drag the edge of the viewport to reduce the size of it.

Copy the viewport, go to the next page and paste it. Then drag the sides of the viewport to show the next section.

Rinse and repeat for each successive page.


Thank you so much.

Paul Dennis