Print to Scale on Layout

Hi, how do I print to scale on layout which will take up more then one A4 page that I can stick togethere afterwards, I have tried choosing a bigger type paper size but still only prints cut off drawings

Sorry that didnt work.

Try using two A4 or Letter pages in Layout.

Then copy your first viewport and linked SU model onto the second page. Adjust the model position on that page to get the two parts meeting on the page join.

How do select 2 A4 pages on layout at the same time ? Sketchup 2015 Pro

See this. I had the same problem a couple of years ago.

If you dont mind it tiling over four pages, you could set Layout to print the whole drawing to the scale you want on one Tabloid or A3 page. (Or bigger if needed - doesn’t look as if you would need that, though.)

Print or Export it to PDF. Open it in Adobe Reader, then use its option to Tile the output.

I could never get it to tile from one A3 landscape to only two portrait A4 pages though - it insisted on four landscape A4 pages, with the drawing centred over the joins!

There are leather crafters selling their patterns which is printed on letter or A4 which mainly is cut and stuck together to form a pattern, I guess I am using the wrong program…which is the only one I could pick up nicely without going to collage for 5 years :slight_smile:

Yes, SU is mainly for 3D drawing, Layout for 2D output from it. But it’s more awkward to split the page onto two than I’d like. But DaveR’s method in the link above DOES work. And once you have the two pages set up in Layout, you can use that as a template for different leather patterns in the future.

You could ask others who prepare those A4 patterns what software they use, perhaps? See if it is specialised for that use?

They either use adobe illustrator or autocad

Both seriously expensive! The SU/Layout combination will work, though.

If you can wait a few hours, upload your full pattern SU drawing and I’ll try to set up the Layout pages for you, if you get stuck. I need to do it for myself anyway so it wont be extra bother.

You can use LayOut and set up your pattern to print on multiple sheets if you want. It’s not that difficult. Or you can set up your document to to a larger paper size and do a poster print of the PDF so it is printed across multiple smaller sheets.

I’m getting the impression you’ve given up already. If you haven’t, upload your .skp file and I’ll set up something to show you.

Mini Handbag.skp (1.4 MB)
Hi, not as yet :slight_smile:

Very kind of you Sir

Do you want all of these patterns laid out on the same pages?

Its basically just the front panel 1 and 2 that overlap, the rest I can print

I rearranged the parts in that cluster and added a couple of indexing marks. Then spread it across two A4 pages. This was quick and dirty. I think the layout can be improved easily enough.

I expect you could get away with nesting some patterns.

FWIW, why is your model so far from the origin? Notice the coordinates of that corner.

I moved the model close to the origin where it should be prior to setting up scenes to show the parts.

Thank you very much, how do I spread it across two A4 pages ?
I dont have a clue why I am so far away from origin, I have moved them closer to the origin

You have to copy the viewport from one page to the next and ideally line them up. I started with a viewport that looks like this on the first page.

I copied it, went to the second page and pasted it. Then I used the left cursor key with Shift to move the pasted viewport to the left.

You can drag the edges of the viewports to crop off stuff outside the paper space but it won’t really matter because the paper space is all that gets exported.

How do I make it transparent ?

Set the render type to Vector in the SketchUp Model panel.

You would do well to spend some time going through the LayOut Essentials materials.

Still has a grey back round