Printing simple A4 rectangles on A4 pages

I’m using Sketchup 2015 and I would like to print two rectangles 200 mm x 280 mm on two A4 pages.
Unfortunately, the application split the rectangles on 6 pages !
I set the camera - parallel projection - top view
nothing checked in the printer setup (no Fit to page nor use model extents …)
I’m going crazy with this application; I created some sophisticated design and now I’m not even able to print two simple rectangles
Thank you for your help, I’m sure I do something wrong

in the print dialog set the scale to 1:1 (same units of course) and enable the option to ‘Use Model Extents’:

the ‘tiled Sheet Print Range’ then shows the amount of pages required for printing you model in scale 1:1 at the selected paper size.

btw, for drafting or sketching purposes you may want use a CAD system instead as e.g. the free DraftSight from Dassault etc.

An A4 sheet is 210 x 297mm.
If your printer has margins set around its perimeter which add up to >=10mm or >=17mm, then a 200 x 280mm may well be too big to fit onto a single sheet ?
So it tiles.

I find that sometimes if you scroll in so that the rectangle takes up as much of the screen as possible, you can get it to fit on one sheet. In my opinion, the print function in sketchup is horrible. I can never get a view to fit on one page without futzing with it to fit the screen. It always defaults to a “tiled” situation, even when the object clearly is small enough to fit on one page. The SU team needs to give it some attention.

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Thanks, I fully agree with you. It’s a shame to have such a great tool and a so bad printing functionality.
However … it’s a wonderful tool :smile:

Been that way for a long time. I guess it is a way to push folks toward the pro version for the included layout functionality. A simple centering algorithm for the tiled print would help a lots to reduce number of printed pages.
FYI: When you print you are actually printing the screen image. The EDID, extended display identification data, provides display native resolution info to the PC . That info and dimensions of your model can be used to convert to screen size and supports determination what to command to printer based on its DPI. The actual size has to make allowance for tool bars, the windows menu bars etc. Your 200x 280 as noted means screen size exceeds the paper size.

I think that I can use the export 2D graphic into PDF. My goal is to create a template and stick it on the plywood before cutting with a jigsaw (to build toys for my little children).
Thank you all for your responses

This specifically won’t work for objects small enough to fit on an A4 page. It is a bug. It works if you scale the model up by 10 or 100 and then print to 1:10 or 1:100 scale.

You must minimize the background visible round the model by zooming in close and reshaping the SketchUp window to fit tightly the area that can be fitted on a page. Then you have a slight chance of success.


Printing to Scale Tutorial — SketchUp Sage Site


One other idea, you can tab print scenes in SU although one would have to say tape two print outs together for one template that may be acceptable approach?

I see, seems that the zoom scale based on the horizontal width of the display window is used to calculate a slightly bigger bounding box of the model for the print output… somehow.


I may not follow you but, the full area of the display is not useable. I measured some years ago and there are like margins of around 40 pixels right, left and bottom and 240 for top. The more tool bars you have active the less printable area. If you want to go to effort you can use the info in the print preview scale boxes, use model jpg in a editor and set the scale there and use the centering tool they have for tiled print to avoid cases where SU uses small area of page to print snippet of model.