Print to scale help? Not too sure how to do this correctly/

Hello, I am trying to print to scale this leg so I can cut it out of wood. The leg is 26" tall and 2" wide at the widest. I have been watching a few videos but cant really figure it out to print on multiple pages? I put it in layout and changed scale to 1:1 but it wont print in multiple pages?

Does anyone have a helpful tip?

Thanks so much!


Use LayOut for that. It’s simple and quick.

When I set to 1:1 it will only print what is picture in the viewport but not the rest of the leg? Not sure what I am doing wrong?


Because your paper isn’t big enough. Are you using LayOut?

Yes I am


I just attached the layout file Dave. I think I am just missing something ARGH!!

Cole leg to scale.layout (6.2 MB)

If you want to leave the paper size as set you’ll need to copy the viewport to a second and maybe third page and asjust the position of the viewport on each page. I would just create it on a larger single sheet and then export the PDF and use Adorbe Reader to do a poster print.

Here’s an example. I created a custom paper size for this.

And then, in Adobe Reader I selected the Poster print option and to give a bit of overlap set it to 1/4 in.

First, you have selected a landscape oriented sheet. And you do not have the viewport set to 1:1 scale.

Choose Portrait for the paper orientation in Document Setup>Paper and set up the viewport to 1:1. You could actuall get the entire leg on one papge if you want. Make copies of the viewport and adjust the height of each one as needed. Or cut and paste the second and third viewports to their own pages if needed.

Thanks Dave! I did change to 1:1 but did not change to portrait in the document setup :slight_smile:

Will give this a try. Thanks for your help !


Thanks again Dave!! Worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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Layout Rocks!

Hey guys, just one more question regarding scale. I have to send a 1:1 scale drawing of a table leg. They have a printer than can print large documents and they need the scale of the leg to be 1:1 so they can print it. What is the best way to do this in layout? So that I don’t have to send them multiple pages for one leg. Is this possible? Hope this makes sense.

The scale drawing you guys helped me with was so I could print on my small printer and the leg was not that large.

Thank you


In LayOut go into Document Setup>Paper and select an appropriate paper size that allows the whole leg to be displayed at 1:1