Layout and El Capitan

If you need to use Layout don’t install El Capitan Beta. Its not useable. at all.
I now have a problem,

LayOut 2015 is supported on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). The best is to continue using SketchUp on your OS X 10.10 system until it is updated for the final stable release of OS X 10.11.

In case you upgraded your production system, the best way to become productive again might be to downgrade to 10.10. Remember, beta software is meant for developers and advanced users, who deploy the beta software on a secondary (testing) system, not on their main production system.

I wonder if we are heading toward a repeat of the fiasco when Yosemite was released and made SU 2014 unstable…

Hi all-

We have been working to address the issues with LayOut and SketchUp on El Cap, and we will have some sort of update to address the issues. (We are also monitoring Windows 10) There’s a sweet spot when the OS beta versions are “stable enough” that we can assume that nothing else will change and break SketchUp, and at that point we’ll have solutions ready for users.

For now, I would recommend (as always) that people don’t “upgrade” their production machines to a beta OS version. My preferred solution is always to install the beta OS to a new partition on the hard drive for testing purposes.


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Incidentally, the major known issues are as follows. If you’re seeing other issues, please do report them here.

  1. In LayOut, there’s a bug in how we determine where the mouse cursor is in relation to the page. As a result, objects don’t draw where the user would expect and zooming doesn’t maintain page position. No work-around. This is due to a change in behavior in the “NSGraphicsContext currentContext” method in OS X.

  2. Snappy dialogs exhibit funky behavior - becoming disconnected, unexpectedly expanding or collapsing, and sometimes jumping across the screen. No work-around. This is due to a change in behavior in the NSWindow/NSPanel classes in OS X.

  3. A small number of labels are missing text due to the new system font.



yup. that pretty much covers the issues.

I was a bit rash I guess. never had problem with the public betas breaking things. thats complacency for you.

You’ve addressed exactly the issue happened on me.

Look for update version soon !

Gah! I hope not. But the timing is about the same, unfortunately :grimacing:

You and me both! Last year was no fun. Now if I could only convince Apple to give me a courtesy call before they release…

FYI, beta 5 of 10.11 still shows the same Layout issues.

There was another El Capitan update two days ago. Layout now works correctly.

Thanks for the update!

Very good news! SU + Layout are key for me, so I was going to hold out updating to El Cap until both apps worked properly.

Latest news…

When will fix this bug?
I can’t draw and select anything…

for v2014, never it’s too old…

download v2015 Pro trial and you have 30 days to find the Maintenance/Support Fee…


Same problem for me…

@tdmc, which is the problem that you have?

colin …Layout isn’t working. SU seems ok
Can import but not drag and image in
Importing from SU imports the wind/current view not the whole model
No response when in Layout - can’t add text, lines …anything!

SU pro 14
v 14.1.1283

OMG! I just upgraded to OS X El Capitan 10.11.1
Please Help anyone!!! I’m in desperately need help can’t finish tone of work and deadline is just few days from now… :worried: