Layout 2024 - dropdown list in sketchup views

Hi, I just noted an annoying issue in LO24 - in the dropdown menu to select a sketchup view from a linked model, I can only choose between the first 20 saved scenes… it won’t go past that.
Going to head back to LO23 to be able to add my views. :frowning:

Do you mean the list just stops at 20 scenes? Or you can’t select a scene beyond the 20th? I just added a few to a model to get to an even 30 and they all show up and can be selected.

Hi, I meant that I couldn’t go beyond 20th.
I found the solution, send the scene I wanted to a blank LO file and copy-paste over.
Then, this is the kicker, the list started working again properly !!! Go figure !
Thanks @DaveR for taking the time.

Is it possible the scenes beyond the 20th were added after you had inserted the reference into the LayOut file and the reference hadn’t yet been updated?

I’m away from my Win11 box right now, but on Mac I don’t get a scroll bar on Scenes, even though they’re scrollable. Is that the case with you?


I’d updated the link to the model AFTER creating new scenes & saving in SU2024… (normal procedure that worked before in SU2023… the mysterious ways of Layout :smiley:

In LO I got like @DaveR image above, only you couldn’t scroll past the 20th scene.
Once i’d copy-pasted the scene i wanted from a blank LO document, miraculously the scroll went all the way, who knows why, but we have a solution ! :slight_smile:

FWIW I just loaded a file with over 80 scenes and they are all accessible using the scroll arrows as below:

Yeah, maybe it’s that a new file works instantly… Anyway thanks all for the feedback.
Earlier on another thread somebody had a problem with Enscape and su24 and with an almost identical setup I didn’t. There are ghosts in the machine sometimes !