LAYOUT 2023 Scenes NOT preserving scale when going from Raster to Vector (works fine in LO2022)

It took us awhile to diagnose this but here’s what may be causing the issue in LO2023 and not LO2022…

LO2023 does not preserve the scene’s scale/view when converting from a Raster to a Vector when the scene/SketchUp object is positioned farther away from the origin. This issue does not happen when we test with LO2022.

I’ve included two screen shots of Before and After Vectoring while in Layout 2023 (note: going back to a Raster view returns the scale to normal but a Raster view is not what we needed here).

I’ve also included sample Sketchup and Layout files for reference.

Also, we tried at various distances from the origin. Apparently 125’ away works; however, 250’ or more doesn’t work. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to figure out the exact distance where it fails since we need to go back to work with Layout 2022 to finish our project.

Please let us know when there is an update. This issue may also be related to what others in the community have written about where their scenes/views suddenly get altered in LO2023.

Layout 2023 bug.layout (14.4 MB)
Layout 2023 bug.skp (33.0 KB)