Layout 2023 - aliased text when moving objects

I was testing Layout 2023 and just saw that when moving a viewport, text or anything, the text showing the position difference (x,y) is shown aliased. See pic.Any suggestions how to get the smooth text back?

Using Layout 23.1.340 on Win10 and high dpi settings in the Layout shortcut.
RTX4090 + 536.23 driver


What are the settings for the viewport rendering, on sketchup 2023 it’s by default on the lowest one.


I think it is aliasing by design as a minor way to improve performance - but I don’t see anything in the release notes:

You could ask @colin

If it is by design, It would be nice if this would be an option the user can control or if its linked to the viewport settings (‘medium’ or ‘high’ in the viewport settings in the image above should give anti-aliased text imho). @Colin, could you give more info on this or is it a bug?

I think there is a known issue about this. I’m about to get on a plane, hopefully @trent will know what to say.