Text blurry when printed

Hi, I am using SketchUp Free. When I print or export a design the text is blurry. What does it mean if I cannot change the Display Properties and if my graphics card, Intel (R) HD Graphics, does not have an anti-aliasing setting. Will the problem persist if I were to use the SketchUp Shop subscription option?

I think you’ll find that text, when displayed in raster form will always appear blurry. If you are exporting raster images from SketchUp, no matter which version, the text will also be displayed as raster image.

The best option is to use vector text. You can get this with LayOut, for example, if you export to PDF. You can either add text in LayOut or add it in SketchUp and render the viewports in Vector or Hybrid .

It means there are limitations of your graphics card that SketchUp can’t overcome.

Yes. There is no difference between Free and Shop regarding handling of graphics.

If I then replace my existing graphics card, what would be the best option to use with SketchUp?

Generally Nvidia GTX series graphics cards come highly recommended.

Thanks a lot!

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Unfortunately, the option of using LayOut is not available to users of SketchUp Free.

Yes. Of course I know that! The OP was asking about switching to SketchUp Shop. If text output is important, he should be looking at SketchUp Pro and LayOut.

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