Layout 2022 cursor shows incorrect tool

Hello, I’ve browsed around the SketchUp community topics for a little bit, and I’ve seen some other users expressing the same issue, but I haven’t seen any resolve as of yet, and I’m hoping for some help. I’ve used sketchup and layout for over 15 years, and I’ve never experienced this until about the last 3 months, but when I go from tool to tool, my cursor does not change. For instance, I’ll select the line tool but the cursor will show the scale icon or something to that affect. I have re-installed twice, re-booted the machine, etc. with no luck. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Well, since LayOut 2022 hasn’t changed in more than a year, now, what did change on your computer? That would be the thing to look at. You might try downloading the last 2022 installer and repairing the installation. Might help. Won’t hurt. Remember to right click on the installer exe and select Run as administrator. Then when offered, pick the Repair option.

Thank you. I noticed one of your other posts stating similar, and figured since I’ve already done a full re-install that it would have been repaired in that process. Nothing has changed other than the IT department/windows doing security updates, etc. So you dont think this is a sketchup/layout thing, you think it is a computer thing? I’m not experiencing cursor (or any other noticeable) issues in any other program. I appreciate your reply.

Did you do that by right clicking on the installer and choosing Run as administrator?

A fundamental thing about troubleshooting anything that was working is to look at what has changed since it last worked. That’s likely where the problem is. As I wrote, LayOut 2022 hasn’t changed in over a year so that’s not the first place to be looking for problems.