Sketchup Web Cursor Small and "Off Target"

All of a sudden the cursor in Sketchup Free is smaller, but only when I am in the workspace. The cursor is normal when I hover over the tool bars. The most annoying part is the cursor is offset to the “north,” so I have to put the cursor above the spot where I want it. I tried clearing cookies, resetting Chrome to default.Restarting the computer. None of those have worked. The browser window is not zoomed out. Any suggestions to fix this, I am at loss. I am using a Surface Book with Nvidia GPU. Been using sketchup on this computer for almost year, never had this issue.

We’ve had reports about this, and no problem reproducing it. The window scale is at 100%. There is a bug logged about the problem. It happens in Edge too.

Alright, so it’s a known issue with no fixes at this point?

Hey @cameronloosli: not quite. It’s a known issue and we have done enough investigation to figure out that it may be a bug on Chrome on Windows. We think that this bug may be fixed by Google relatively soon, since we saw this behavior normalize on the development versions of Microsoft Edge (which is now built off of Google Chrome. You could probably help us out by testing SketchUp for Web using either Edge or one of the development version of edge. But the short story is that we are trying to figure out if this fix is already in Chrome’s development pipeline so that we don’t roll up our sleeves only to potentially break what we are trying to fix (because a fix is in progress).

Alright. I did try using Edge briefly. The cursor was on target, but had other issues. SketchUp seemed to run slower in Edge. While a drawing a rectangle, only two parallel lines would show up, the other two were missing. If there’s anything else you want to me test out, let me know.

On the positive side of things, I haven’t had any issues on my desktop. Using Chrome on that also, but windows 7 instead of 10.

Thanks for testing and reporting back. We are definitely monitoring updates to Chrome and looking into this actively. On Edge, did you find that the cursor was still small, or was it the size you expected?

The cursor was also small in Edge.

Edge 44, the current version, has the small cursor. Edge Canary, version 77, has the cursor size cursor.

Chrome 75 has the small cursor, Chrome 76, released two days ago, has the correct size cursor.

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