Screen resolution problem using Sketchup Free in Chrome

While using Sketchup Free for the first time, everything was going fine for about one hour when the screen suddenly jumped (in the middle of a move operation) and changed resolution. The model looked the same, but all of the text, menus and tool icons became so small I could barely see them. I have closed and reopened the model several times. I have closed and reopened the browser and also the computer. No change. Now, whenever I open Sketchup Free and “Start Modelling” the screen resolution is wrong. Note that this is only a problem in Chrome. If I use Microsoft Edge there is no problem.

Check the zoom level of the browser.

Thank you. That’s it. For some reason the zoom change from 100% to 25%. Now Ive cnaged it to 100% and all is fine.

Avoid hitting ctrl while scrolling with the wheel.

That was the problem. I was copying an object and moving the copy. I
thought I had to continue holding the control key until the move was
completed. Part of the move involved scrolling out.

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