Toolbars modification


I’m pretty new to SketchUp. I started using the free version today and after about an hour all the toolbars became so small I can hardly see them. Now its impossible to use. I tried re-opening the file and then restarted but to no avail.
I’m using Windows 10.

Is this a bug or did i accidentally change some setting?
Any help greatly appreciated.


You probably zoomed the window. What browser are you using?


you can fix it two ways
hover your mouse over any of the SU window and hold the ctrl key and scroll it with the scroll wheel. or
theres a mag glass icon in the search line in the browser …click it and a menu pops down. (on chrome)

fyi ctrl+ scroll wheel works on any chrome page to zoom (even this one) which is why some people that aren’t aware tend to cause this issue.


Using Chrome


So did @mics_54’s advice help?


Ctrl+0 should reset the browser zoom to 100%.


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