How to correct size of panels and tool bars

I was using Ctl+Z to undo a series of commands, too fast apparently. At some point I hit a combination of keys that drastically reduced the size of the toolbar, side panels, etc. I am new to using Sketchup Shop and have no idea what I did and how to correct it. The drawing area and model are fine, but the tool bar on the left is about an inch tall and I can’t even see the button at the top left to open and save.

Any ideas on how to solve this? I am used to using Sketchup Pro but am new to this version. Here is a screen shot of my desktop. I am using a laptop running Windows 10.


You have adjusted the zoom.
Several ways to reset it.
Hold down ctrl and roll the scroll wheel in.
Hit ctrl 0
Go to the settings and change the zoom.


Wow, it’s that simple? The scroll wheel worked. What did I do to make this happen? I wasn’t even touching the mouse! and are you referring to Settings in Windows or Sketchup?

At the top of the browser. It varies depending on which you use.

by the way…if you ctrl+z too far by accident you can also ctrl+y and undo your undo also… or redo the undo :slight_smile: ( not that it would have fixed your zoom issue)

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