Toolbar with zoom with sketchup shop - web

Is it possible to zoom in on part of my model to continue operations without the tool bar on the left hand side from disappearing? I can only restore it by zooming back out but then I find it hard to see the part of the model I am trying to focus on.

Any help much appreciated as always.

Zoom in and out with the scroll wheel shouldn’t effect the toolbars.
Ctrl with the Scroll wheel will effect the toolbars.

Right you are. I just tested that with a mouse and sure enough it works. I was just doing some work on my laptop using the touchpad when I encountered this problem. Do you know if there is any workaround for the touch pad under these circumstances? Either way thanks for your response and good to know I can at least achieve what I am after as long as I use a mouse with scroll wheel.

Tap z for the zoom tool.