Sketchup Pro 2023 - Cursor Size Issue

Using Sketchup Pro 2023 version in Window 10.

The cursor size is huge, anyway to fix this?

beyond the windows preferences you mean ? because in the windows preference panel you can look for mouse cursor (use the search tool) and there you can adjust the cursor. it’s in the accessibility section.

here is mine, in french.

Returning user with years of experience when Google owned/developed the product…just installed paid Pro version and the pointer size is massive. How can I adjust this? Please tell me its solvable. Please don’t suggest it has anything to do with Windows settings or resolution because it doesn’t. This is happening in this app only and its super distracting.

Look at the size of that pencil for God’s sake its bigger than the person! Please tell me I don’t have the work with this giant missle pointer!

I don’t see this. As @ateliernab pointed out, you might have some Windows accessibility settings running amok. What is your screen scaling factor? You seem to have multiple screens. Did you just drag SketchUp from one to another? Do your screens use different scaling factors?

There wasn’t that much development during the Google years.
We really can’t reply if you won’t accept that it may be a more general settings issue. I can basically recreate your screenshot by zooming out and adjusting the cursor resolution.

I can accept that it has something to do with the app being affected by a Windows setting, please don’t misinterpret. It only happens with this app. Never happened before. Definitely have multiple monitors but that hasn’t affected anything else at all. I’m on this computer all day and since other users have reported the issue I thought perhaps there was a known solve.

I would guess you are using multiple screens , each with different scaling factors

I’m also running into this issue. I did not have this issue with 2020. I am running multiple monitors.