Cursor and Snap Icon Sizing

I might be wrong, but the cursor tool icon (pencil, eraser, etc) and geometric snap icons (purple circle, black circle, red square, red X, etc) look like they grew quite a bit in size for 2023. I strongly prefer the precision that goes along with having smaller sizing (less zooming in, etc).

Could you consider having an option in preferences to adjust the sizes of these items? In general I would appreciate more customization preferences.


I absolutely agree with this comment!

Seriously. Could we get that update… like immediately? The icons are super huge distracting

What is your screen resolution? Have you tried reducing it?

Updates are released periodically, there is no schedule, or fixes for a single item.

Resolution is 2560x1440 which is native / recommended.

My screen resolution has not changed in years. This is an issue with the latest SU version.

What is it in Settings>Windows>Display>Scale and Layout?

It’s 2560x1440

That is your screen resolution, it is also on the page as mentioned above in settings. The number you stated is also in the settings for your graphics system. Mine is set at 150%. The icons are of normal size.

within SketchUp?

My Scale and Layout is set to 100%. that is the smallest setting in the list and is “recommended.” If I set it to 150% my text and such become much bigger.

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It is a SketchUp issue not computer related with the settings you have. It may or may not get changed in future updates.