Cursor is nowhere close to correct spot

I may not be saying this right (I’m new to this stuff), but I just accepted the update, and now my cursor is way off. For example, when I try to Scale, I normally just click on the green boxes and resize what I have to. I can’t even select anything unless I move my cursor far away from the actual box I’m trying to resize. Any suggestions on what’s going on here?

What update? To SketchUp? To Windows? To a driver?
After “updating”, did you shut down and restart your computer?

Is SketchUp using your Nvidia graphics card? (Window>PreferencesGraphics>Graphics card details). If it isn’t, open the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings to correct.
Is Fast Feedback turned on (Window>PreferencesGraphics)? For a Nvidia card, it must be On. For an integrated Intel graphics chip, it must be off.
Also, go to the Nvidia website and download and install the latest update to your graphics card driver. If available, an update to your mouse driver might also help.

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I’m up to date on everything. When I opened Sketchup, I received a notice that there was an update so I installed it. It opened fine, but it’s unusable. My cursor is so far from where I’m clicking. I’ve checked all my drivers, etc, and everything is up to date. I even uninstalled everything and reinstalled and still the same problem. Starting to think this program is garbage. I can’t tell you how frustrating this is getting because like I said, it’s unusable at this point.

Did you install SketchUp by right-clicking on the downloaded folder and selecting “Run As Administrator”?

Did you let Windows tell you this or did you check from the manufacturers site?
Nvidia needs to be updated directly, windows will almost always say it is up to date.