Layout 2020 NOT Referencing Existing Geometry During Move/Copy - Why!?

I keep finding annoying things in Layout 2020 that are either not fixed or actually working worse. For example, you seem to no longer be able to copy an object and snap to the original geometry. This means that you cannot do things like make 5 evenly spaced copies of a square (by typing *5 after copy) without having at least 2 copies of an object to start with.

I read somewhere (can’t find it now) that LO2020 implemented new graphics handling to improve performance and I suspect this is a result of that.


It looks like you are relying on grid snapping. Do you have the same interval set in both?

This is in LO2020 using exactly the same move/copy method I’d have done in 2019 or 2018 or…

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Don’t know how you’re able to do that Dave.

Like I posted on another thread, I’m having this problem too…

I’m on version 20.2.172 and it was installed correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nope. Not using grid snapping.

I wasn’t either. Did you try doing what I show?

Paul, it looks like you have Object Snap turned off. It needs to be turned on for what I showed.

Try it? I showed exactly the issue in the first post.

Object snapping is on…

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That’s odd.

I swear the Release notes mentioned that when you drag something the graphics handling is different in 2020. something to do with that Layout will not try to render the complete geometry as you drag.

And also there’s this difference that suggests the elements during drag are representations of the objects rather than true copies of the objects themselves.

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The graphics handling is different in 2020.2. It’s designed so that the display doesn’t have to keep re-writing as things are moved.

I’m not sure how Dave is getting it to work correctly. With 20.2 on Mac and Windows, I get the same behavior you’re seeing. Here is a screen recording of the behavior in Windows. Note that the duplicated object does snap to other existing objects, but not to the one you started from.

I wasn’t able to find an existing issue about this, but I have reason to believe the behavior will be back to normal in some amount of time from now.


Evidently I’m doing it wrong. It works fine for me, though, so I’ll keep doing it wrong.

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How long is…


And just to cover all bases… same behavior when you modify the reference point BEFORE move/coffee…


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It must be the way you are holding your tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

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That might be.

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Snapping to original geometry in copy move is broken for me too in LO2020. I have no idea how DaveR makes it work, the SU gods favor him.

My lame workaround for arrays is to draw a line to snap to first.

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Cmd C, Cmd V should work, too…:wink: