Does Grid Snap work differently in LayOut 2024?

I recently installed LayOut 2024, and Grid Snap appears to work differently than it did in previous versions (or maybe it works the same and it’s a settings issue). Previously, if Grid Snap were on (and Object Snap were off) and I moved an object by dragging it with the cursor, the object would snap to the grid. In 2024, though, the object doesn’t snap to the grid, the cursor does – but it doesn’t snap to the grid when I start dragging the object, only when I stop. Because the start point of the “drag” is not on the grid and the end point is, it’s impossible to move objects accurately relative to the grid.

That sounds like a minor problem, but over the last few years, I’ve developed a very effective workflow that relies on placing model views precisely on top of other model views, and if I can’t consistently and accurately move windows, that workflow isn’t really feasible.

Is this a problem for anyone else? Is there a workaround?

I don’t use grid snapping but I suspect that what you are experiencing is the new snapping/inferencing behaviour introduced in 2024.

You should check out the release notes.


The move tool changed in LO 2024 it takes a little getting used to. I previously used the grip when moving objects for accuracy so it wasnt a big change for me. The new tool wants you to use the grip. Select the object move the grip to the desired place on the object ( like a corner) then when you move the object it grabs the grip even if your not on it and then you place it to the desired location. I like it better. I cant say off hand how it behaves with object snap turned off or on. I usually use object snap on when placing something.

For corner and mid-point snaps – and centre if the object has a fill – you don’t need to move the gizmo to those points.

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Ahhh! This is the key. I’ve never used (or really understood) the grip, but I just dug into a little, and this works perfectly. Thank you so much! That was really frustrating me.

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I’m not certain snap to grid has ever worked accurately! It seems to always be a little bit out!