Text boxes don't seem to snap like they did in 2023 with Object Snap turned on

In order to justify text I have been acustom to choosing left or right and then aligning the text by turning on object snap and connecting the boxes. This doesn’t seem to be behaving the same in 2024 Layout. It’s probably me but I don;t remember changing any of my settings.

Unfortunately, this faster way of connecting objects via native inferencing has been replaced! You now have to hover over a corner / midpoint / centre to manually locate an inference, then move to the inference you want to attach to!

It has some advantages (though few), but personally, I find it much more time-consuming and rather clunky! Hopefully the developers will introduce a modifier that allows us to switch between inferencing methods, so we can return to working quickly!

Thanks Richard, agreed on all points. The developers should have to use their product to make $.


Barry, from what I understand, it’s an attempt to consolidate functionality between SketchUp and Layout. This sought of makes sense other than one is designed for dealing with 3D space, and the other simple page layout tool, of which most page layout tools do feature native inferencing!

In lieu of looking to incorporate native inferencing as an option in SketchUp, it was obviously easier to remove it from Layout, sadly! In my estimates it adds around 10-15% additional time in preparing layout docs!