Inferencing in Layout has become more like Sketchup. but not quite there yet

this is how I would add a same width rectangle in SU:
In Layout that does not work because shift now means proportion constraint it seems. That makes no sense to me.
Screen Recording 2024-05-03 at 16.03.21

I can get some “inference” or rather a snap from the corner, without using shift. If I keep on making the rectangle bigger, and then presses shift, I get the green " inference locking" line, even if the geometry does not follow that green inference.

Looks strange :slight_smile:
Screen Recording 2024-05-06 at 16.04.41

I don’t understand the ultimate result of what you are trying to achieve.

From what you are showing – guessing what you want to do – I can think of straightforward ways to do this…

Like I said in a previous topic – I think it’s wrong to automatically make Layout tools behave like SketchUp tools.

My aim here is to draw attention to possible inconsistencies in how the tools operate. I too am able to work around it, and get work done.

I have done such things before and raised attention to change a few things, like a few versions back you can now align/rotate the gizmo handle before the rotation.

This here I feel is also an inconsistency, because you invoke the inference from a line, but no inference is taking place.

I agree that things does not need to be exactly like in sketchup, but the reality is that if you do something in Layout, and you find you dont know how to do it, then you will start and try to do it the sketchup way. I think it’s like that for most people.

In this particular case I show how inferencing in sketchup lets you make a rectangle where the second point is referenced from an existing line, it’s along a green line that gets locked.

@Adam : I would certainly expect a inference lock in Layout to do the same as in SU, lock the second point of a rectangle to the shown reference lock. Otherwise, what is that inference lock meant to represent?

So on the “It does not need to be the same as in SU topic”, again, I agree.

But if inference locking works well in SU, then inference locking should mean something similar in Layout, just because inference locking is a particular concept in itself, and then if what you get is not inference locking, then there must be something wrong.

In my other recent post Set Them Layout Lines Free - #4 by Odd_Haakon_Byberg, I feel that is also about consistency, and consistency empowers the user because you work faster when you intuitively understand the tools.

ok – I sort of accept you point about consistency.

Indeed – on the one hand shift constrains an inference and on the other it constrains scaling.

Personally I don’t have a problem with this

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