LayOut snap not snapping to grid

Can’t understand why i can’t get objects to snap to grid. Any ideas?

Did you turn off grid snapping at the bottom of the Arrange menu?

Hey Dave. I used the icon originally but i tried it from the Arrange menu. Same results.

Are you trying to snap the center of the circle on the grid lines?

Trying to get the circle to snap to the grid lines.

I have the grid setup on 1/8" increments. The circle I drew was not quite 1/4". Moving it not snap to the grid for some reason. I drew another circle that was 1/4" and it snaps fine. Why won’t ANY object snap to the 1/8" grid. Seems like it should.

If I remember correctly, snap grid increments don’t necessarily match the interval on the blue grid lines. I’m on my phone at the moment looking at Lake Superior. I’ll see if I can find out what the snap grid interval is because I disremember right now.

I can’t find it at the moment but one thing you could do is draw a line and snap to its end.

Sorry. Best I can do at the moment. And there’s a beer calling. :smiley:

your clip shows me that it is snapping to the grid…

the vector graphic ‘donut’ shape you are moving has a path and a stroke width…

it looks to me that the ‘path’ is snapping…

a filled circular path would snap to it perimeter edge as would a ‘donut’ path without ‘stroke’…


Thanks. Still not working though. Going to make another video to explain further.

You’d think they would. Oh! Nice. Enjoy the beer.

Here is another video maybe to help you understand. The grid is 1/8 and the circle on the left is exactly 1/4. The circle on the right is some odd ball size. Notice the grid snap icon and the grid snap from the Arrange drop-down.

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